News round-up summer 2023

The little extras

Little things make a difference. The League of Friends continues to supply milk (for tea and coffee) to staff throughout the hospital. The League also provides fresh fruit for the Ward’s nurses – in these days of food price inflation this has become a growing expense.

The League also funds the cakes for the Ward’s tea trolley and pays for magazines and daily newspapers for the patients.


The AGM of the League of Friends was held on 23 March 2023 at the University of Buckingham. The President’s report can be found at The League of Friends is grateful to the University for generously accommodating the AGM and the League’s regular committee meetings.

Amy Wright

Amy Wright

The League was sorry to learn that Amy Wright, who has been such a transformational Matron at the Hospital, was leaving in June 2023 to take up a new post at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. We are pleased to welcome Clare Owens as Amy’s replacement and look forward to supporting her over the coming years.

Hospital gardens

A tub of planted flowers

The League supports the Buckinghamshire Hospitals Trust in maintaining the Hospital gardens. We contribute to the cost and pay for all the new plants. Our thanks are due to Paul Annets, proprietor of local firm Garden Wizard Services, for the magnificent work he does with his team.

Unfortunately the winter displays along the Hospital drive were decimated by the hard winter, but the tubs are now stocked for the summer and a significant amount of new planting is going on over the coming months.

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