Thank you tea (August)

We held a summer tea party for all the staff (and their families ) of the Hospital on 20 August to thank them for their amazing work always – but especially over the last 18 months. A good time (and lots of scones and sandwiches) was enjoyed by all. Below is some of the speech given by Dr Harrington. Our Mayor also thanked all the staff.

Dr Roger Harrington (standing), President of the League and Cllr Margaret Gateley, the Mayor
Dr Roger Harrington (standing), President of the League and Cllr Margaret Gateley, the Mayor

“Ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests, Madame Mayor, members of the League of Friends but most of all members of the hospital staff and your families – I understand that a number are unable to attend because of illness and quarantining and we wish them well.

“We have endured an extremely difficult 18 months in so many different ways – and with the most recent Covid statistics heading in the wrong direction, together with the alarming predictions of some experts, it seems we are far from out of the woods.

“However, with the Covid restrictions lifting last month, the League wanted to arrange some sort of simple party or gathering to show our support for the staff, to recognise the work they have done during this time, and continue to do so, and simply to thank them.

“I think we are in a better place now than we were 18 months ago at the start of the pandemic. Two main reasons for this: firstly, the election a few months ago of Julian Lovelock as the permanent chair of the committee – and that is not to downplay the efforts of Frank Donlon and Stephen Long who chaired individual committee meetings in turn for several years – and secondly, the help and cooperation we have had from Amy Wright, ward sister, and her colleagues. Along with Ana Hadley, the ward administrator, and, of course, with support from the members of the League’s committee, Julian’s and Amy’s efforts over recent months have given a new energy and impetus to the League – and we continue to try and find more ways of supporting the staff and patients which is, after all, what we are here for.

“Thanks to the caterers and to all those responsible for making this afternoon happen – particularly Julian, Ros, Amy, Ana, Jacqui and anyone else whom I have forgotten. A shame there wasn’t blazing sunshine and that more were not able to be with us, but the League is delighted that we have had this opportunity to hold this summer tea party with the one aim of thanking all the staff, whatever their role in the hospital, and the committee of the League, for all their hard work during these unprecedented and most testing of times. Thank you.”