At the Hospital (May)

There is a real sense of activity at the Hospital at the moment. There have been improvements inside and the community nursing team from Winslow has been relocated to Buckingham. Outside the railings have been given a much-needed fresh coat of paint and the paving around the building has been re-laid to eliminate trip hazards.

The League of Friends continues to have responsibility for the upkeep of the Hospital grounds and the gardens are looking at their best. The lawns are mown regularly, the tubs along the drive have been replanted with summer flowers, and the bed which stretches along the side of the building has been planted with lavender – in time it there should be a glorious display. This year the League, with the generous help of Buckingham’s D&A Sheds, has also donated a smart new storage shed (pictured right) to the Hospital.

A tub of planted flowers
The new shed (from D&A at Water Stratford) to house the Hospital’s outdoor furniture