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The Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan and Buckingham Hospital
Buckingham Hospital is widely regarded as a vital institution in this northern part of the county and it is therefore not surprising that mention in the Buckingham Advertiser should have been picked up by local residents.  If you missed it, the article referred to the concerns raised by AVDC about the statement in the Buckingham Neighbourhood  Plan, concerning any possible development of the hospital site.
Alarm bells jangling, we went to see exactly what the Neighbourhood Plan says and talked to the Town Plan Officer in detail.  The Town Council’s view is clear in that they intend that developement of the site would only be permitted if it is healthcare related.  AVDC suggested a more relaxed view, in case the hospital should close at any time but the Town Council are adamant that the ‘healthcare only’ designation should remain.
We are reassured by this firm stance by the Town Council as the Neighbourhood Plan, when formally adopted by Referendum and AVDC, becomes part of the statutory development plan.