Mobility Vehicle

The League of Friends have now purchased the Mobility Vehicle.  This will have a multitude of uses including

  • Allow comfortable, timely transportation of patients by therapy staff for assessment purposes, reducing number of hours patients have to spend waiting for ambulance crews during interventions.
  • Allow therapy and nursing staff to accompany patients directly and prevent having to take secondary vehicles to appointments which as well as being costly allows for constant patient supervision and attendance to their individual needs.
  • Home visits can be arranged more quickly and efficiently and allows patient, therapists and equipment necessary for the visit, to be transported in one journey, saving costly secondary journeys and the need for funding of secondary agencies to deliver equipment at a later date, which will allow for smoother more timely discharge planning.

Having considered this proposal in detail, the committee are satisfied that the vehicle would be of great benefit to the hospital staff and patients and is likely to be in almost daily use.  We have, therefore, agreed to this purchase and believe that a suitable vehicle was bought for around £10,000.

The vehicle has been donated to Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust, who run Buckingham Hospital, and has been emblazoned with both the name of The League of Friends of Buckingham Hospital and Bicester Buckingham Ford, who sourced the vehicle and have generously agreed to meet the cost of signwriting.